Seasons of change, new beginnings and a the human condition.


I first wrote this in January of 2015. I was beginning to learn a lot about myself.  And almost 3 years later, I have learned so much more. I have also learned that the "New beginnings" don't always come in January.  The come when we need them or want them or are brave enough to grab at them. I am grabbing at a new beginning right now. My vision for my art. My desire to try something,  despite all my fear." 

"secret garden"

"secret garden"

We all carry things in common. Basic concepts of living as a human on a moving planet. We are all born and we all die. We all experience birth and death. 

We all require feeding and care to get started. We all require hope to keep going. We ALL have innate longings and purpose, though not all pursue them. We do not all have the “right” to choose, but we do all have the ability to make choices. All of us.  

We are not all equipped equally to approach this massive gift of choice.  It can feel like we are betrayed by our own bodies, the very gift of life and living and yet it comes with fragility and broken-ness built in. 

Almost like we were made to fly but not made with wings. 

Here then comes the other birthright we all receive when we come into this world. 



The journey of growing. 

Starting small and helpless, reliant, subordinate. Growing to challenge it all with independence and self exploration, a time when we make the most brazen choices, because we figure that we can! Then, much later, we become wiser, full of experience and learning all building up to a complete depth of consciousness that only the long journey can bring you to. And only if you have attended it.  


As a child says, and as my own children say, when a wait time of, say, five minutes is placed on them… “ ooooooh noooooo, that will take forever!”

As parents we just shake our heads. But the truth is that we could not possibly take on the journey of life if we thought we had to wait a lifetime for it. We need it in small bites, small changes and short seasons. In bits and pieces, so we can accumulate all the pieces of the puzzle without becoming daunted, even exasperated by the task. 

Therefore I am profoundly grateful for the calendar that breaks it down to days, months and years. And ,yes, for each new year. For not knowing the future, but attending to it anyways. To the opportunity to change and make new choices. To teach another generation to do the same. 

Cheers to a new year, a new season of life, and to living <3 

- Renee